Bol - Fashion Of Nature Bol - Fashion Of Nature

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If you know a thing or two about fashion and trends then you certainly know that sustainable fashion is where it's at in 2020. Many established brands and fast fashion chains understand...

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DAJ Darya Jewelry DAJ Darya Jewelry

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What do you get when you mix generations of high end luxury fabrics with modern handcrafted jewelry making? This unique combination of goldsmith craft and luxurious colorful textile makes Daj Darya's collections so...

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Dikla Levsky Dikla Levsky

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A beautiful luxurious scarf makes a statement. It expresses the personal taste and sense of style of that who wears it; an elegant, timeless addition to any wardrobe. The Dikla Levsky...

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Gil Zohar Jewelry Gil Zohar Jewelry

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GIL ZOHAR - Sculptor turned jewelry designer inspired by Egypcian and Greek mythological stories and characters. Zohar’s entire design philosophy and branding is based on her fascination with Egiptian culture and history....

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House of Lancry House of Lancry

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Hannah Lancry Sufrin is a modern Jewish Orthodox London based designer and a dedicated mother, and like many trying to balance family life with running a successful business. In a conservative community that...

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Sayya - By Luba Makarenko Sayya - By Luba Makarenko

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If you are daring with your looks, if you like to mix and match patterns and love experimenting with textures and have a playful state of mind when it comes to...

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Hot Crown Hot Crown

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The 22 collection is a limited edition collaboration with Adi Heyman- fashion icon, inspiring human and proud modest fashionista. Spotlights the Hebrew aleph-bet reimagined with classic refinement and modern minimalism.The...

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